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Keeping your workers safe whilst on the job should be your top priority. Thanks to our extensive range of Company Hi Vis Workwear Australia, rest assured that your team will be dressed suitably for the task at hand and that they will be visible no matter the conditions. We offer a large range of polo shirts, t-shirts, singlets, work shirts, tops, vests, jackets, pants and headwear from all the big brands, including DNC, Bisley, Yakka, King Gee, AIW (Australian Industrial Wear) and JB Wear.

Hi Vis Polo Shirts

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of hi vis polo shirts is their versatility – they can be worn by a variety of workers, from those on factory floors to those on construction sites. The inclusion of a collar provides the worker with an overall more polished look than a simple t-shirt. We offer both long and short-sleeved safety polo shirts to help workers dress according to the weather and the hazards imposed by their profession.

Hi Vis T-Shirt & Singlet

When you are required to work throughout the hot Australian summer or under extremely hot conditions, overheating can be as real a problem as a visibility. A worker who overheats may experience dehydration, dizziness, fainting, fatigue and, in extreme situations, even death. Hi vis t shirts and singlets can help workers keep cool under hot conditions, as they are made from fabrics that breathe and sit loosely on the body.

Hi Vis Tops

When the weather starts to cool down yet workers still need to remain visible, hi vis tops are the solution. We have a wide range of tops to choose from, including: fleece jumpers, hoodies, polar vests, pullovers and sweatshirts. All of these options are made from warmer, heavyweight fabrics whilst maintaining the yellow or orange fluorescence and reflective tape that is required for visibility purposes on many worksites around Australia.

Hi Vis Vest

We have two distinctly different types of hi vis vest to choose from – the first is designed to provide an extra layer of warmth when the weather is cool, whilst the second is a garment that can be easily shrugged on or off (often worn by visitors to a worksite who may not be otherwise suitably dressed). No matter which of our vests you have selected, rest assured that it will provide you with the visibility and safety that you require.

Hi Vis and Work Jackets

From warmth to protection from inclement weather, there are many workplaces and job tasks that may require workers to wear jackets for at least a portion of the workday. Don’t sacrifice on their safety and visibility by opting for hi vis jackets, which have been designed to meet all relevant Australian and New Zealand Standards for hi vis. Available in fluorescent orange and yellow, rest assured that your workers will remain visible.

Hi Vis Work Shirts

Some worksites require a certain level of professional attire – t-shirts and even polos may be considered too casual. When it comes to these sorts of sites, our hi vis work shirts could be just the solution. Available in long and short sleeve varieties, these shirts are collared and button up to ensure that workers meet workplace attire standards without sacrificing on their visibility. All genders are represented, as a range of men’s and women’s sizes are available.

Work & Hi Vis Pants

Ensuring that your legs are appropriately clad for the conditions and with visibility in mind is important for many workplaces, which is wear hi vis pants come in. Whether you’re required to wear hi vis from top to bottom, you want to wear a subdued top or you just need some sturdy work pants that will withstand the demands of your profession, we have got you covered. Browse our extensive range of pants below or contact us for more information.

Hi Vis Headwear

Visibility shouldn’t end with pants and a shirt – we also supply a wide range of hi vis headwear that is designed to protect a worker’s head from the sun as well as ensure that they remain visible to others at all times. Ensuring that your workers are covered from top to bottom is essential for protecting them with visibility conditions are poor, such as at night and during inclement weather.Browse our extensive range of hats below or contact us for more information.

Did you know hi vis workwear standards have changed?

High visibility workwear standards have recently been altered and many employers may be unaware of the changes. We aim to keep employees safe at all times and minimise risk by recommending products that meet our client’s specifications perfectly. It is important to know what to look for when purchasing workwear for yourself and your employees, especially when it comes to complying with Australian Standards.

The area of hi visibility material on a polo or shirt must not be less than 0.2m (both front and back). So if your company is wearing an older hi vis shirts or hi vis tops that are less than 0.2m on the front and back, your business doesn’t comply with safety standards. Many of the shirts we recommend and supply adhere to all new standards with a high visibility area equal to 0.2m.

The coloured side panel has also been modified. Now, the high visibility material needs to encircle the entire circumference of the torso. As a result, a full side panel is no longer compliant. Whilst you might find cheaper alternatives (which should only be used for promotional use) and whilst the price may seem low, the use of these products on a worksite, as a uniform, could be unfavourable and of low quality.

Below is a quick guide to hi vis workwear and what to look out for:

High visibility garments must be compliant to two standards:
- ASNZS 4602.1. - High Visibility Garments
- AS/NZS1906.4 - High Visibility Materials

High visibility garments (AS/NZS4602) are classified by three classes:
- Class D: Day Use Only (minimum 0.4m2 of fluorescent fabric on the upper torso)
- Class N: Night Use Only (reflective tape applied according to standards)
- Class D/N: Day and Night Use (combination of the above two requirements)

High visibility safety materials are classified in three classes:
- Class F: Fluorescent fabric (Day Use Only).
- Class R: Reflective fabric for (Night Use Only).
- Class RF: Both Fluorescent and Reflective (Day/Night Use).

UV Protection
Hi Vis Workwear should have ultraviolet protection and must comply with AS/NZS4399 (UV Protection). For employees with sun exposure, the UPF rating on garments should be 40-50+ (Excellent Category). Ensure that AS/NZS4602 and AS/NZS4399 (UV Protection) compliance are shown or permanently attached to garments.

100% cotton high visibility workwear is only compliant in jobs where it is dangerous to wear polyester.

Areas We Service

Novel Tees and Hi Vis Workwear Australia has been providing clients around the country with quality high visibility workwear in every style and type of garment imaginable for more than 16 years now. We ship to all major city and regional locations, including: Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide to name a few. Please contact us for a quote on shipping to your location