Keep Your Workers Safe with High Visibility Workwear
in Hi Vis Workwear by Dave

Worksites can be dangerous places. Exposed wires, heavy machinery, and even the potential for explosives all mean something could go wrong at any stage of the day. Thankfully, due to rigorous safety standards, catastrophes are usually avoided. One thing you can do to give your employees added safety is by providing good quality high visibility workwear. We’ve answered the main questions that businesses ask when choosing hi vis clothing. 

  • How do they help?
    As the name suggests, hi vis clothing is used to make your workers more visible. This is especially important when working in low lighting or dusty environments – your workers can blend into the conditions if they are wearing dark colours. It also means they are easier to see for passing cars who may be concentrating on the road, and not on the construction or road works that’s going on nearby. By wearing bright yellows and oranges, they are sure to be seen, even when it’s dark or pouring with rain.
  • What clothes should I choose?
    When it comes to visibility, the more clothes you’re wearing, the better! Your choices depend on the season, the job at hand, and your budget. Longer pants and long sleeve fleeces are ideal for the middle of winter and early morning starts, while a polo shirt can be perfect for the middle of summer or indoor work. If your budget allows, you should consider investing in a cap or beanie as well – while a vest that covers your chest is a great place to start, the more of your body that’s covered in , the easier you are to see.
  • Are there any safety standards I have to meet?
    Yes! According to the Australian Safety Standard (AS/NZS 4602.1:2011 High Visibility Safety Garments), you can choose between orange and yellow. A lot of the colours on the market aren’t up to scratch, so ensure you do your research first. In terms of reflective panelling, there are rules you have to follow here too. ‘Class D’ clothing – for day wear – are fluoro in colour, but have no reflective panel. ‘Class N’ on the other hand – for night wear – must have reflective panels, however, the colour of the clothing doesn’t matter. If you’re workers are active from dawn till dusk (or vice versa) consider buying ‘Class D/N’, for around the clock coverage.
  • Will they be protected against the elements?
    Does your business operate outdoors? For most industries wearing hi vis, the answer is ‘Yes’. If that’s the case, you’ll be happy to know you can keep your workers safe from injury and from the elements with the right clothing. As we mentioned earlier, with long fleeces you’ll be protected from harsh winds, and with a light long sleeve top and cap, you’ll be shielded from the blistering sun.

If you want to keep your workers safe, then one of the first things you need to do is invest in hi visibility workwear. Your employees will be seen from a distance, and against all kinds of backgrounds. Follow the safety standards of your industry, and you’ll be well on your way to having an accident free worksite.