Tips for Buying Hi Vis Workwear in Australia
in Hi Vis Workwear by Dave

Working on a jobsite can be dangerous, regardless of what industry, which is why it’s important that proper safety precautions are taken across every aspect of the task at hand. One of the easiest, yet most effective measures is to invest in PPE that meets national regulations. PPE, or Personal Protective Equipment includes everything from hard hats to boots, and everything in between. 


In this guide, we’ve prepared our top tips for buying one of the most common and versatile forms of PPE, the clothing, so you can be confident you’re investing in the best hi vis workwear in Australia


How do they help?
As the name suggests, hi vis clothing ensures your employees are easily visible. This is critical for industries that work with and around dangerous equipment, in dusty or poorly lit conditions, and roadside where other drivers may not expect people to be working. 


What clothing should I choose? 
The clothing you choose is dependent on your industry and your working conditions. At the very least, a hi vis vest is necessary to ensure you’re meeting requirements, but you may also consider making a hi vis top or jacket a staple in your uniform. Consider whether you generally work indoors or out, as this can affect the clothing types that you choose.


Will my staff be protected from the elements?
By choosing the right garments, you can protect your team from the elements as well as from the dangers on site. For instance, a thick hi vis jacket can be used during winter, whilst a light long-sleeve can protect staff from harsh UV rays during summer. Beanies and caps are also a great addition to any hi vis uniform. 


Are there any standards I have to meet?
Yes! As an employer, it is essential that you remain up to date with the latest safety standards for your industry, as this can protect you from unnecessary fines – and most importantly, keep your staff safe! AS/NZS4602.1 refers to the standards that must be met by allhigh visibility garments: 

  • Class D – Refers to clothing worn during the day time. It features fluoro yellow or orange material on the torso. 
  • Class N – Refers to items worn in the evening or under poor lighting conditions. It comprises of reflective strips no less than 50mm wide. Specific patterns must be followed! 
  • Class D/N – Refers to garments designed for both day and night use, and must feature both fluorescent and reflective elements. 

To purchase the best hi vis workwear in Australia, you need to know what requirements your business needs to meet. We hope this guide has provided you with the direction you’ve been looking for to allow you to choose the right clothing for your business – ensuring your team are comfortable, warm and protected – whilst also ensuring you’re meeting Australian standards! 


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