Why New Company Hi Vis Workwear Can Make Over Your Business
in Hi Vis Workwear by Dave

In order to put your best foot forward, your business needs to look the part. Whilst excellent services are a great way to keep customers, a professional appearance is the best way to bring new clients to your business. This can be done with a smart website, signage on company cars, and most importantly, a clean, tidy and presentable uniform.

In the construction sector, it can be difficult to keep your uniforms clean for long – it can get very dusty and dirty on site, no matter what industry you work in. If you’re looking to give your brand a bit of a makeover, new hi vis workwear is the ideal place to start.

  1. Visibility
    The most important role played by hi vis clothing is the added safety it offers your employees. Low light levels, dusty environments and dangerous traffic conditions all mean your team are at risk throughout the day. Florescent yellows and oranges will ensure they are easier to see, no matter how poor the conditions are.
  2. Unity
    The other major benefit of new for your business is the unified front you’ll present. This sets a high standard, creating a positive image – and may even lead to a better-quality work. Your customers will expect good work from a team that looks professional, so your employees will have to strive to deliver on that promise.
  3. Identifiable
    If you’ve ever been on a worksite, you know how many busy tradespeople there are at any one time. It’s hard to know which workers belong to which company, which
    is wear your new workwear comes in. By printing your business name and logo onto your tops, your clients will be able to easily identify who they need to address their questions toward – something which they will definitely appreciate.
  4. Advertising
    In addition to making your team easily identifiable, by printing your logo and business name onto your workwear, you’re getting free advertising for your company. Your staff become walking billboards for your brand – whether they’re on their way to and from work or on their lunch break, everyone will be exposed to your business, potentially leading to an increase in customers.
  1. Team Spirit
    Do you want to create an inclusive workplace that your staff enjoy being a part of? Studies have found that a uniform can actually promote a sense of team spirit and belonging. When everyone dresses in the same
    hi vis clothing, there is nothing to separate them.

There are a number of reasons why businesses should consider updating their work clothes, and those in the construction sector can definitely benefit from retiring their worn-out uniforms in favour of new hi vis workwear. Your employees will look smart and be safe on the work site, and your customers will definitely notice the difference. Get in touch with our team today to see what updated workwear can do for your brand.