Why Use Hi Vis Polo Shirts Embroidered with Your Brand Logo
in Hi Vis Workwear by Dave

There are a huge range of industries that require their employees to wear hi vis workwear whilst on the worksite, from construction to traffic management, airport ground crews to mining workers – essentially, anyone who works in proximity to vehicular traffic or heavy machinery. 

With hi vis polo shirts embroidered with your brand logo, you can keep your employees safe on site whilst advertising your brand at the same time. If you want to learn more about why this is so important for your business, then you’ve come to the right place.

  • Ensures they’re visible at all times
    As the name suggests, hi vis clothing is designed to increase staff visibility, ensuring they are easy to see in low lighting or dusty conditions. Whether its fluoro coloured fabric during the day or reflective panelling at night, hi vis polos aren’t just helpful, they are necessary by law.
  • Helps to identify your staff
    If you’ve ever been on a worksite, you know it isn’t unusual for there to be a number of workers from a range of businesses, working together to complete the project. However, this can make it difficult to quickly identify which staff belong to which crew – for example, who is the plumber and who is the electrician. Branded polos immediately remove this issue.
  • Sets a high standard
    If your employees are all dressed in the same, professional manor, your team will look sharp and unified – which can even subliminally set a higher standard for their work. This is because your customers will expect a certain level of service from a team that looks the part, encouraging your team to work harder to meet those expectations.
  • Promotes team sprit
    Do you want your employees to experience a sense of belonging and unity? By providing them with matching embroidered hi vis polos, this unified look can actually translate into a sense of team spirit, as there is no longer anything to separate them.
  • Free advertising for your brand
    Lastly – and importantly –branded polos offer free servicing wherever your staff members go. Have your logo and business name printed or embroidered to your uniform, and your marketing message will be easily legible for everyone who comes into contact with your staff, from passers-by on the street to the people they interact with on their lunch break. All of this exposure can leaded to added business for your brand! 

Hopefully the points above have shown you the importance of providing your staff with the very best in workwear. At Novel Tees, we recommend using hi vis polo shirts embroidered with your brand logo, as they allow you to keep your employees easily visible on site, whilst turning your team into walking billboards for your business, wherever they go! Want to learn more? Novel Tees can help you choose the right polos for your company, and the right branding to make your company name pop! Contact us today for more.